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Hardlife - Excavator Pallet Forks

Excavator Pallet Forks | Heavy Duty | Hardlife
Product Code: 020-PFS
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Photos are for illustration purposes only - exact product may vary
Initial price shown is for the standard, cheapest option
Excavator Pallet Forks
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Product Information                                      

When working on site without a telehandler, a set of excavator pallet forks on the excavator can be an invaluable bit of kit. This great excavator attachment lets you do almost everything a telehandler or forklift can do, without the extra cost!

Pallets are often delivered to and need moving around construction sites. Whilst you won’t always have a telehandler on hand, an excavator is usually not too far away, so it makes sense to adapt it using the excavator pallet fork attachment so you can call upon the machine as a secondary material handler when required.

We have two styles of excavator pallet forks available:

Sliding Our sliding excavator pallet forks use Class 2A fork tines and run on a rail top and bottom, so they slide left and right (with locking points), but don’t freely move up and down. This mounting provides the best ‘feel’ as any resistance or movement can immediately be sensed by the operator.

Floating Our floating excavator pallet forks are mounted on a round bar, like many telehandler forks, and have a short range of vertical movement for more forgiving use. These forks hang unfixed and some users find them preferable when working on unlevel ground.

Key Features

High Tensile Forged Tines

Our 1200mm forged tines are ISO 2330 compliant, impact tested with Impact Strength of > 27 joule at -20°C and fatigue tested using a non-destructive magnetic particle inspection to ensure no cracking is present.

Sliding Mount (Sliding Pallet Forks)

Our  sliding Class 2A  excavator pallet forks (pursuant to ISO 2328:2011) are hook type forks that slide left and right with a spring loaded locking clip on top of the tine that drops in to grooves on the carriage to lock them in place. This design is similar to a forklift carriage, only allowing the forks to move laterally.

If you would prefer a telehandler style mounting using a shaft/pin type fork, which allows lateral and vertical movement, then please look at our floating forks.

Floating Mount (Floating Pallet Forks)

Our floating pallet forks use shaft/pin type forks that are free-mounted on a bar, meaning they hang from a single point and slide left and right, as well as having a small amount of free vertical movement.

If you would prefer a forklift carriage style mounting using a hook style fork that slides left and right along a rail, please look at our sliding forks.

Supplied to suit your machine

Our excavator pallet forks are available with any linkage required to fit your excavator. Whatever you need, we can fabricate it. Whether it's a going on a quick hitch, requires a direct mount setup, S-link, Klac, Morin, Harford® Safelock, or anything else.

We hold the pallet fork carriage in stock, so all we need to do is cut the linkage from sheet metal and weld it on. Speak to our expert team to check our current lead time and to find out more information. 

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