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Hydraulic Excavator TSH Tree Shear

Excavator Tree Shears| Save up to £350 | Heavy Duty
Excavator Tree Shears| Save up to £350 | Heavy Duty Excavator Tree Shears| Save up to £350 | Heavy Duty Excavator Tree Shears| Save up to £350 | Heavy Duty Excavator Tree Shears| Save up to £350 | Heavy Duty
Product Code: 020-TSH
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Photos are for illustration purposes only - exact product may vary
Initial price shown is for the standard, cheapest option
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Product Information                                      

The TSH excavator tree shear is one of the easiest tree shears to use on the market, with quick and easy alignment and a simple grab-to-cut action, the cutting cycle is rapid. Fitted with a bolt-on Hardox® HB500 blade for an extra sharp cut with extended durability, this tree shear can cut through hardwoods of up to 210mm in one motion.

Key Features 
  • Hardox® 500 Blade
  • Oversize Cylinder
  • Headstock included
  • Fast cutting cycle

The TSH excavator tree shear range are Heavy Duty, professional work tools and are primarily available for use on any excavator between 4 and 30 tonnes, as well as being adaptable to fit on telehandlers and skid steers. The tree shear attachment / tree lopper is becoming increasingly used in many forestry applications due to the time and money saving advantages it offers. It is a single service attachment that works off your existing double acting hammer circuit. With one powerful hydraulic ram, this excavator tree shear is forgiving to imprecise alignment of the blade by the operator and consequently facilitates faster cutting.


The cycle takes just seconds per tree and you can immediately move the tree out of the way and move on to the next. Aside from being one of the fastest tree shears on the market, the TSH is also one of the easiest to maintain. With fewer moving parts than other tree shear models there is both less to go wrong and less to look after. With a removable and replaceable Hardox® HB500 blade, this excavator tree shear can also double as a hydraulic grab and is perfect for moving around timber, positioning telegraph poles or placing fence posts.


We supply these tree shears to fit your machine's quick hitch, or to be directly mounted with removable pins. For additional manoeuvrability, we also offer the:


•        TSH-R    Fitted with a bolt-on, radial, piston driven 360° hydraulic rotator for full mobility.

•        TSH-S   Equipped with welded-on side brackets, the shear can be mounted with the blade running vertically, rather than horizontally – Ideal for de-limbing branches.


The simple cutting cycle involves:

1)            Opening the grab,

2)            Lining up a tree,

3)            Pushing the blade in to the tree whilst closing the grab

4)            Placing the cut tree down to one side


Hardox® 500 Blade

To ensure a long lasting, sharp cut we use HB500 on our tree shear blades - one of the highest-grade AR steels we use. Abrasion resistant steels have excellent durability and are incredibly tough, so they’re able to withstand abrasion and will hold their shape for longer. We use AR steels to protect vulnerable areas from wear and tear and in areas where the steel is required to be extra hard. Whilst these blades are bolted on and replaceable, they hold their shape for a very long time and only require an occasional sharpening if the edge has dulled.


Removable Bolt-on Blade

The bolt-on nature of the blade also means the tree shear's grab can be used independently for handling timber, positioning telegraph poles or placing fence posts.


Cutting Diameter

The maximum cutting diameter on the 020-TSH tree shear blade is 210mm, but the realistic cut diameter varies depending on the hardness of the tree. We say this tree shear should be able to cleanly cut all 170mm diameter trees, and rough cut up to 210mm. We've charted the Janka hardness of some common British trees here with our estimated cutting diameters.


AR 400

With the oversize cylinder producing so much force, we use AR 400 steel in the grab arms to ensure rigidity and prevent deformation.


Extra powerful cylinder

There are several tree shear designs on the market, some use a grab with hydraulic scissor blades below, some use a chainsaw. Our tree shear is simpler, with fewer moving parts and therefore fewer parts that can go wrong.


The performance of our tree shear is dependent on the pressure produced by the carrier machine, with that pressure determining how much power the hydraulic cylinder can exert to pull the blade through the tree. Operating at full capacity (@ 320 bar / 4640 PSI), our 020-TSH cylinder can generate a staggering 16.4 tonnes of force.


*Please check your machine's spec as most machines in this class operate pressure @ ~200bar, meaning closer 10 tonnes of force.


Mast Support

This support is fitted to help keep the tree straight and prevent it from falling back towards the cab. With the legs closed tightly, the mast ensures the tree is held firmly in place.


Supplied to suit your machine

Our excavator tree shears come with a headstock fabricated for any linkage required to fit your excavator. Whatever you need, we can fabricate it. Whether it's a going on a quick hitch, requires a direct mount setup, S-link, Klac, Morin, Harford® Safelock, or anything else.

We hold our tree shears in stock, so all we need to do is cut the headstock parts from sheet metal and bolt it on. Call us today to check our current lead time.

Please watch the Video below of our 060-TSH Tree Shear in action

Please watch the Video below of our 100-TSH Tree Shear in action on a JCB JS130 


Please watch the short demonstration Video below of our 100-TSH-R Tree Shear rotating on a Hitachi  ZX130. This is the same shear mechanism as the standard 100-TSH shown above. This fully rotational configuration is also available on our 060-TSH model.


Please watch the Video below of our 020-TSH Tree Shear in action


NB: An optional additional side bracket is available on non-hydraulic rotation models. It is a lower cost option that enables the machine's quick hitch to pick up on the side of the shear and thus changing the orientation of the blade at the front. Ideal for horizontal branches!
Model 020-TSH 020-TSH-R 060-TSH 060-TSH-R 100-TSH 100-TSH-R 200-TSH 200-TSH-R
Price £2,590 £4,490 £2,990 £6,390 £4,990 £9,790 £9,490 £16,590
Inc. optional side bracket  + £270 EA N/A + £340 EA N/A + £420 EA N/A + £660 EA N/A
Finance (3 years) £90 pm £143 pm £100 pm £211 pm £160 pm £328 pm POA POA
Hire Price POA POA POA POA £450 pw POA POA POA
Carrier Weight 2-3.5 Tonne 2.5-3.5 Tonne 4-8 Tonne 6-8 Tonne 10-22 Tonne 13-22 Tonne 18-30 Tonne 20-35 Tonne
Cutting Edge 18mm
HB 500
HB 500
HB 500
HB 500
HB 500
HB 500
25mm HB 500 25mm HB 500
Max Opening 565 565 530 530 820 820 1153 1153
Max Cut Diameter (mm) 170 170 250 250 350 350 450 450
Width (Closed) 640 640 800 800 1100 1100 1563 1563
Tree Support Height 430 430 525 525 785 785 920 920
Unit Weight (kg) 193 290 340 445 850 1050 1520 2200
Cylinders 1no 1no 1no 1no 1no 1no 1no 1no
Hydraulic Rotator - Yes - Yes - Yes - Yes
(anything up to) Bar / Psi 320 / 4600 320 / 4600 320 / 4600  320 / 4600  320 / 4600 320 / 4600 - -

Contact Us for more information or help regarding this outstanding tree shear.

If you would like any more help regarding link measurements, please refer to our Linkage Check Sheet.
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