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Manual Excavator Grabs & Grapples

Our manual/mechanical excavator grapples are available for any size machine - please contact us with your request.
The entry-level solid tine manual grapple is a key attachment in the landscaper’s arsenal. Ideal for moving timber and brash, the purely mechanical design means operators don’t run the risk of hydraulic failures causing downtime, so after welding the 3-position pad on the dipper arm, just hook the manual grab up to your machine or quick coupler and away you go.
This mechanical grab is ideal for land clearance, skip sorting and general forestry work. Often one of the first attachments operators purchase after their bucket sets, the manual grab utilises the dipper cylinder to operate the open / close functions of the grapple, so no hydraulics are required. This means it comes in as a much more cost-effective option compared to our hydraulic grabs, although lacking some of the dexterity those grapples offer.

Our manual grapples are available with any linkage required to fit your excavator. Whatever you need, we can fabricate it. Whether it's a going on a quick hitch, requires a direct mount setup, S-link, Klac, Morin, Harford® Safelock, or anything else. We hold the grab shell in stock, so all we need to do is cut the linkage from sheet metal and weld it on. Contact us for more information and to check our current lead time.